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 Today, we got a visit from the city. We need to downsize our flock and get rid of Mr sizzle., that poor guy.  If anyone in Austin is reading this, feel free to email me for adoption. He’s not aggressive. he deserves a good home.


How did I get myself into this? 


How did I get myself into this? 

Silkie chick 2 days old

(via chickentalk)

   Silky hen—

Stylish as usual—

She had a chick not too long ago, now she refuses to go outside and act like a chicken. She hangs around with the dogs and chills while I type and work from home.

My silkie styling.

The new silky mom. The truth be told, this hen loves going broody. She steals eggs from the other hens and sits on them until they hatch. Needless to say they don’t look like her. She raises them and patiently awaits her next batch of eggs.

The frizzle hen that I was so worried about, it’s finally getting some feathers. She was isolated for obvious reasons but never failed to eat and act normal. I still have her on her own but probably soon she will be re-integrated to the rest of the group.



Photography by: Akin

©Akin Abayomi

Paco sharing his chicken scratch with the resident squirrel.